Hedge Fund Launches: Pacific View Asset Management

Two hedge fund managers from New Zealand are starting a San Francisco based hedge fund, Pacific View Asset Management, LLC.,  launched with two strategies, International Small Cap and Global Small Cap. Ken Applegate, Senior Portfolio Manager and co-head of the Small Cap team, is joined by long-time colleague Scott Brown, Portfolio Manager and co-head of the Small [...]

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Malta Hedge Fund Launch

Prestige Asset Management has launched a new hedge fund, the Prestige Equity Options, which is allocating to three trading advisors who between them manage $500 million. “All three use a combination of both long and short volatility trading strategies and much of the trading is short and medium term in nature.” The company said, “Prestige [...]

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Hedge Funds And Their Game Theory Applications

Connecticut hedge fund manager AQR Capital Management has launched a reinsurance group to develop investment strategies that have low correlation with traditional markets and hedge funds. The group will be run by David G. Kabiller and game theorist Andrew J. Sterge, PhD. “AQR’s view of reinsurance conforms to the firm’s general approach to new investment frontiers.” Kabiller said, [...]

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Derwent Launches Europe’s first Social Media Hedge Fund

London based investment boutique, Derwent Capital Markets, yesterday launched the highly anticipated “Twitter” hedge fund. The fund, domiciled in the Cayman Islands, will be Europe’s first to utilise sentiment derived from real-time social media data analysis. “For years investors have widely accepted that financial markets are driven by fear and greed but we’ve never before [...]

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New Hedge Fund to Focus Exclusively on Commercial Aviation

Three investment professionals, with extensive experience in commercial aviation, financial services and real estate, Robert Crane, Gary Ran and Gary Weisman, have launched a new investment firm focused exclusively on the commercial aviation industry. Crane Aircraft Partners, LLC, based in California and Michigan, will provide multiple investment options for investors, including direct investments in commercial aviation assets [...]

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The Football Hedge Fund Launch

A new hedge fund, The Football Fund has launched and is officially open and trading with a February NAV of $99.16 per share. Having completed its initial investments the new hedge fund is currently open to private investors for a limited period of time, to raise additional funds to develop the starting portfolio of investments. [...]

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